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Althouse and Meade offers a number of mapping deliverables. This includes figures supporting various documents and reports such as permitting applications, biological reports, wetland delineations, etc. 

  • Field surveys

    • Our GIS team’s careful preplanning of surveys streamlines the data collection process for field staff, enabling broader intra-company knowledge sharing on a quick timetable.

    • A&Ms partnership with Amigo Cloud allows for data to be integrated into deliverables the same day that it’s collected.

  • GPS data collection

    • Submeter GPS data collection capabilities

  • Satellite imagery collection and analysis

  • Data management and visualization

  • Our team uses GIS to integrate and draw conclusions from previously unrelated spatial data.

  • Used to securely store, manage, and organize spatial data

Key Deliverables

  • Web maps

  • Dashboards

  • PDF Reports

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