Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a combination of specialized hardware, software, and trained professionals utilizing spatial information to perform analyses, display patterns, improve management decisions, and provide viewers with a graphical representation of data.


Our skilled team of GIS specialists uses the industry's most advanced technology and software to help make effective planning decisions.  In addition to the numerous maps and figures used in our reports, plans, and permitting applications, we offer a multitude of mapping services.

Services Offered

  • Data Collection

    • Just need data? We map site conditions, utilities, habitats, and much more using Trimble GeoXT units.

  • ArcReader Packages

    • Don't have ArcGIS? We create data packages for in-house use. Our ArcReader packages make it possible to query and analyze your data without the need for expensive GIS software.

  • Map Delivery

    • We create our products to best suit your application.  See below for a list of options.


Map Deliverables

  • Laminated Wall Maps

    • Professional lamination and mounting of maps up to 36 by 48 inches.

  • Interactive Web Maps

    • Powerful, interactive web maps accessible from your browser, mobile device, or tablet.

    • Our web maps can be embedded in websites or in emails, and are easily viewed on the go.

  • Field maps

    • Maps created for navigation and assistance in the field.

  • Brochures/Pamphlets

    • Neatly designed handouts containing aesthetically pleasing maps.

  • Custom Requests

    •  Contact us with any special requests you may have.


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