Jason Dart, B.A.

Principal Scientist


Jason has been with the A&M team since the company’s inception in 1999. Jason’s professional expertise span the range of natural resource science and environmental planning, from restoration ecology to rare plant taxonomy, endangered wildlife surveys and managing complex permitting projects in California.  He has experience with numerous listed wildlife species, is a recognized expert botanist with the flora of Central California, and is particularly interested in large-scale biological inventories. 

In 2014 Jason became the Environmental Compliance Manager at Topaz Solar Farms, a 550 mega-watt industrial solar project in San Luis Obispo County.  He successfully managed environmental compliance for the project through completion of construction and final close-out with the County.  Throughout his nearly 10 years working on the Topaz project, Jason managed biological surveys, prepared technical reports for CEQA and NEPA, worked through ESA Section 7 consultation and CDFW Incidental Take Permit (ITP) processes, and coordinated with innumerable contractors and regulators to keep the project compliant on conditions for air quality, noise, transportation, biological and water resources, cultural resources, hazardous materials, and more.  


In 2015 Jason started work on the California Flats Solar Project in Monterey County, initially managing large-scale preconstruction survey efforts, continuing with management of daily biological monitoring teams, and culminating in a position as Environmental Compliance Manager for the General Contractor, McCarthy Building Companies where he continues to provide daily compliance management.  Mr. Dart is proficient in the study and reporting  of ornithology, mammalogy, botany, wetlands, conservation and mitigation plans, wildlife assessments, and protocol level surveys including San Joaquin kit fox, bat, steelhead and California red-legged frog surveys.

Katie Brown, M.S.

Sr. Environmental Scientist


Katie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science with a minor in Rangeland Resource Management from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and her Master of Science degree in Animal and Range Sciences from Montana State University, Bozeman.  She has experience with restoration and grazing plans, ruminant nutrition, invasive weed management, soil carbon sequestration, vegetation surveys, permit applications, GIS, wildlife and construction monitoring, environmental compliance, American beaver impact assessment, San Joaquin kit fox, American badger, and burrowing owl. 

Jessica Griffiths, M.S.

Sr. Biologist


Jessica earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Wellesley College in Massachusetts and her Master of Science degree in Biology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  She has experience with biological reports, avian survey protocol development, nest surveys, monarch butterfly biology and conservation, bird banding, vegetation surveys, statistical analysis, wildlife and construction monitoring, environmental compliance, San Joaquin kit fox, burrowing owl, and technical writing. 

Lisa Herrera, B.S.

Sr. Biologist


Lisa earned her Bachelor of Science in Evolution and Ecology from the University of California, Davis.  She has experience with preparation of CEQA documents, resource agency permitting, rare plant surveys, habitat assessments, wildlife and construction monitoring, and environmental compliance training programs.  Her wildlife experience includes Quino checkerspot butterfly, San Joaquin kit fox, American badger, flat-tailed horned lizard, desert tortoise, Western snowy plover, burrowing owl, coastal California gnatcatcher, as well as avian and nesting bird surveys and monitoring.  She also has experience using infrared wildlife detection camera systems, radio telemetry, and Trimbles.  Lisa has been working for environmental consulting firms since 2006.

Darcee Guttilla, M.S.

Sr. Biologist


With over 21 years of experience and an MS in Biology, Darcee has been hired on to Althouse and Meade as a Senior Biologist.  Her vast amount of field experience brings a unique set of skills that make her a great asset to this company.  Her experience includes, project management, habitat restoration, invasive plant control, bird identification, land management, terrestrial wildlife management, and small mammal trapping.  She is also very knowledgeable about certain rare species in the California region including California Red Legged Frog, California Tiger Salamander, and the Island Fox.  Darcee received her bachelor’s degree in Zoology from UC Santa Barbara and her master’s in Biology from CSU, Fullerton-Feral cat ecology on Santa Catalina Island. 

Dustin Groh, B.S.

Biological Supervisor


​​Dustin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Field and Wildlife from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.  He has experience with wildlife and construction monitoring, environmental compliance, rattlesnake handling, avian point counts, nesting bird surveys, salmon population estimates, small mammal trapping, vegetation surveys, data management, and DNA sampling.  He also has specific experience with Spadefoot toad, San Joaquin kit fox, American badger, burrowing owl, desert tortoise, and infrared wildlife detection camera systems. 

Greg Salas, B.S.

Biological Supervisor


Greg earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management & Protection from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  He has experience with wildlife and construction monitoring, environmental compliance, giant kangaroo rat, blunt-nosed leopard lizard surveys (Level 1), fish identification and water sampling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), San Joaquin kit fox, American badger, burrowing owl, avian surveys and monitoring, small mammal trappings, vegetation surveys, infrared wildlife detection camera systems.  Greg has experience since 2010.

Will Knowlton, B.S.

Biological Supervisor


Will earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Field Biology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 2011.  Will has survey experience with San Joaquin kit foxes, American badgers, burrowing owls, radio telemetry tracking, 10,000 trap nights of small mammal experience, vegetation surveys, infrared wildlife detection camera systems, acoustical bat detectors, compliance monitoring, preparation of field reports, herpetofauna (including pitfall trap surveys), Morro Bay kangaroo rat, and Desert kit foxes (including spotlighting and trapping and has handled 21 Desert kit foxes).  He is skilled in writing CEQA documents, including IS/MNDs, EIRs, and BRAs.  Will has extensive experience at bird identification and bird surveys and monitoring.



Shelby Sanchez, B.S.

Biologist III


Shelby earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, with a minor in Biology and focus in Comparative Animal Biology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in June 2014.  Shelby has experience with San Joaquin kit foxes, American badgers, burrowing owls, invasive weed mapping for rangeland management, avian surveys and monitoring, radio telemetry, and compliance monitoring.

Kristen Andersen, B.S.

Biologist III


Kristen earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management & Protection with a concentration in Wildlife Biology, and an emphasis in Botany, at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. In the field, she has experience with small mammal trapping, botanical surveys, seabird and sea mammal monitoring, San Joaquin kit fox monitoring, avian point counts and mist-netting, and pre-construction surveys. Kristen’s California botanical experience extends from the sea bluffs of Santa Cruz to the depths of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, with a particular focus on chaparral, coastal sand dune, coastal sage scrub, and oak woodland communities. Her additional skills include  GIS, environmental impact report writing, hydrology analysis, and conservation, and ecosystem ecology

Diondra Jones, B.S.

Biologist II


Diondra earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management & Protection with a concentration in Geography & Anthropology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  After graduating, Diondra spent several months in South Africa studying African predators and threatened mammals, including white and black rhinoceros, African elephant, lion, leopard, and hyena.  There she became skilled in radio telemetry tracking and wildlife identification and monitoring using remote camera systems.  Diondra has experience with wildlife surveys, range management, radio telemetry, wildlife camera traps, plant-specific vegetation surveys and alien plant removal, avian point counts/area searches, habitat restoration, and assessment of recreational impacts on intertidal ecosystems.

Bret Robinson, M.S.

Biologist II


Bret Robinson earned his B.S. in Organismal Biology and Ecology at the University of Montana in 2009. He earned his Master’s Degree in Entomology from San Jose State University. For his thesis, he conducted an insect survey of the Farallon Islands, as well as an arthropod prey study as it relates to the indigenous salamander. Bret worked on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where he managed a field team performing a mark recapture study to investigate hybridization of guppy fish. Bret’s other research includes marine mammal monitoring, marine bird surveys, burrowing owl mist netting, passerine mist netting, ashy storm petrel mist netting, banding Brandt’s cormorant, and Cassin’s auklet diet survey. Bret worked with the Japanese rhinoceros beetles performing insect husbandry, dissections, and gene staining.

Emily Lund, M.S.

Biologist II


Emily received a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy at CSU Long Beach.  She received her master's degree in Conservation Biology at Antioch University, New England in Keene, New Hampshire. Her thesis involved extensive work with radio telemetry and GIS through the monitoring of post-rehabilitated barred owls. During her studies, she  developed skills in wildlife surveying and habitat analyses across New England, the Adirondacks, and Monteverde, Costa Rica. She has experience surveying  for blunt-nosed leopard lizard (Level 1), burrowing owl, desert tortoise, giant kangaroo rat, San Joaquin antelope squirrel, San Joaquin kit fox, western snowy plover, nesting birds, bat acoustic monitoring, rare plants, and plant communities. She has experience writing multiple types of environmental technical documents.

Charleen Rode, B.S.

Biologist II

Charleen earned her B.S. in Biology and Zoology with a minor in Scientific Diving from Humboldt State University.  After graduating, Charleen spent time in the Grand Cayman Islands studying coral bleaching and marine conservations. Using her scientific diving knowledge, she worked  as a Field Biologist for MBC Aquatic Sciences, where she gained experience in benthic studies, wetland delineation, marine invertebrate and fish sampling, water quality, sediment analysis, data management, marine mammal observations, construction monitoring and watershed analysis. As a Field Biologist, she focused on environmental compliance, vegetation surveys, raptor surveys, salmon population estimates, nest survey, wildlife monitoring and watershed analysis.  During her off-time, she loves surfing, and hiking with her dog.

Valerie Mattos, B.S.

Biologist II / Technical Writer

Valerie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology and Management with a concentration of Conservation Biology from the University of California, Davis. She has experience with preparation of CEQA documents, technical writing, rare plant surveys, invasive plant control, habitat assessments, construction monitoring, avian husbandry, and captive bird breeding. Valerie joined the Althouse and Meade team in 2019.

Cassie Murphy, A.S.

Biologist I


Cassie joined the A&M team in 2001 as a Biologist.  She attended Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo from 1996 and  2001.  She earned her Associate of Science degree in Natural Resource Management from Pierce College in 1996.  Cassie has experience with monitoring, environmental compliance review, mitigation and restoration, and wildlife surveys.



Jessica Boone, B.A.

GIS Program Manager


Jessica is our GIS Program Manager and has been working for A&M since 2015. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth Science from James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She has three years of experience working with local Resource Conservation Districts and the Natural Resources Conservation Service using GIS to aid in conservation planning, rangeland management, natural resource inventories, and assisting agricultural producers by preparing environmental compliance maps. Additional experience includes utilizing LIDAR data to calculate geomorphic change in coastal environments, using Trimble GPS devices to collect field data for watershed conservation, and conducting oak tree health assessments. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with her family.

Gabe Rudy, B.S.

GIS Application Specialist

Gabe is A&M’s primary application specialist. He started his career with an internship at NASA that monitored invasive species using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Following the internship he began school at San Jose State University with a focus on Computer Science and Justice Studies.  During his years at school, he was hired by MASS Precision and the United States Secret Service to help with various forms of data analysis and project management.  He completed school with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2013, and was contracted through Google shortly thereafter, where he managed, analyzed, and quality controlled large Google Fiber information datasets.  Gabe is our primary database operations manager, coordinating digital biological data collection and complex databases.

Kyle Nessen, B.S.

Biologist II / Drone Specialist

Kyle Nessen earned his bachelor of science degree in Biology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He focused his studies on the plant taxonomy and spatial ecology of Central California's diverse flora. Kyle is a Part 107 certified remote pilot and has over 3 years of experience in UAV aerial imagery. His skills includes vegetation monitoring, rare plant surveys, ecological restoration,  plant propagation, GIS mapping, data analysis in Python, and remote sensing. Kyle is the steering committee chair of Central Coast Biological Society and a volunteering member of San Luis Obispo chapter of California Native Plant Society. 

Sullivan France, B.S.

GIS Analyst


Sullivan earned his bachelor of science degree in Environmental Management and Protection from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Additionally, he received minors in both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Agriculture and in Water Science with a concentration in watershed management. His responsibilities include refining, upgrading and managing GIS data for ongoing projects, as well as producing maps, creating databases and collaborating with biologists and project managers to produce exhibits for biological reports, wetland delineations and conservation plans. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking and playing piano. 



Melanie Munns

Executive Assistant


Melanie has been with Althouse and Meade since 2004. She is our Paso Robles office manager and Executive Assistant to Dan and LynneDee.  Her responsibilities include client communications and support, project proposals, accounts payable/receivable, client invoicing, time management, assistance with project details, and project data and file management.  Our clients are always welcome to call or email Melanie with questions regarding invoices or proposals.

Kaylee Pieschek, M.S.

HR Manager


Kaylee earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration emphasizing in Human Resources at University of Wisconsin Green Bay. A year after graduation, she relocated to California for a career opportunity. The opportunity turned out to be developing a Human Resources department in which she got to create procedures and standardize processes for the resort, along with being a major resource for all team members and managers. After adapting to the new culture in California, she obtained a Master of Science Organizational Leadership from Marian University of Wisconsin. Kaylee has seven years of experience in Human Resources ranging from employee relations, benefit administration, recruiting, conflict resolution and training other team members. In Kaylee’s free time, she enjoys playing sports, exploring with her golden retriever, and traveling.

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