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Rangelands comprise nearly 60-percent of California’s land base and are an essential resource for sequestering carbon, growing forage for livestock production, providing habitat for numerous wildlife species, and are critical to maintaining healthy water supplies. 


Our expert team at Althouse and Meade provides decades of experience, restoration and botanical specialists and a Certified Rangeland Management Specialist that apply the latest in scientific research and knowledge in their consulting to develop site specific plans tailored to meet your management goals and objectives. 

Services Offered

  • Rangeland condition monitoring and trend analysis

    • We assess existing rangeland health and conditions by assessing ecosystem functions

    • Long term monitoring and trend analysis provides crucial data to direct management decisions towards your specific goals and objectives

  • Rangeland Mapping

    • Our rangeland specialists partner with our skilled team of GIS specialists to develop numerous different maps including habitat maps, resource location maps, vegetation maps, residual dry matter and forage production maps just to name a few​

  • Forage Assessments

    • Need to know how many animals to stock? We assess forage production, calculate stocking rates, adjust for wildlife use and help you plan your grazing timing

    • Our team completes residual dry matter sampling and mapping​

  • Environmental Permit Compliance

    • Need a permit to create a road across your stream? We work directly with California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the U.S. Army corps of Engineers to get necessary permits for any work within riparian areas, streams, or wetlands.​

  • Management Plans and Implementation

    • Grazing Management Plans

    • Restoration/Mitigation Plans

    • Wildlife/Game Management Plans

    • Habitat and Land Management Plans

    • Renewable Energy Farms Land Management Plans

    • Integrated Pest and Invasive Species Management Plans

  • Watershed Management

    • Our team has experience collecting water samples and interpreting results to apply in management

    • Need to improve your watershed cycle? We consult and write plans to improve water quality and stream habitat

  • Botanical Resource Assessments

    • Our team has expert botanists to create a full botanical assessment of your land​

  • Conservation Banking

    • Our team works with California Department of Fish and Wildlife to write, implement, and manage conservation banks

  • Conservation Easements

    • We complete biological resource assessments, write management plans, and support in the process of obtaining a Conservation Easement


Katie Brown, M.S. 

Senior Environmental Scientist 

Certified Professional in Range Management, CP16-002

California Certified Range Manager, #109

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, #8977

Qualified SWPPP Practitioner and Developer, #26683

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