Biological and Environmental Services

The Althouse and Meade team produces a variety of specialized biological reports for a many different project types. The reports and services produced and performed include, but are not limited to, biological and botanical reports, wetland delineations, habitat restoration and land management plans, habitat evaluations, protocol species surveys, construction monitoring, and permit assistance. 

Geographic Information Systems

Our skilled team of GIS specialists uses the industry's most advanced technology and software to perform complex analyses and make effective planning decisions. In addition to the numerous maps and figures used in our reports, plans, and permitting applications, we offer a multitude of mapping services.

Rangeland Management

Our Certified Rangeland Management Specialist and restoration specialists apply the latest research and knowledge to develop site specific plans. Some of the services offered include rangeland condition monitoring and trend analysis, rangeland mapping, management plans and implementation, watershed management, forage assessments, conservation banking and easements. 

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