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San Joaquin kit fox

Vulpes macrotis mutica

Family: Canidae

The San Joaquin kit fox is a small, tan fox with a bushy, black-tipped tail and only weighs about 5 pounds when fully grown. This species has been federally endangered since 1967.

Althouse & Meade, Inc. largely partners with renewable energy clients to push forward on San Joaquin kit fox efforts in and around San Luis Obispo County. In fact, there are more kit foxes at two sites now than there were before the projects began.

Communities:  San Joaquin Valley in California, from San Joaquin County in the north to Kern County in the south. The kit fox’s range also includes valleys along the Coast Range, including the Panoche and Cuyama valleys and the Carrizo Plain in San Luis Obispo County.

Living with kit fox in your community? Follow these tips from California Department of Fish and Wildlife to help keep kit fox wild.

Sources: Althouse & Meade, Inc., US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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