BESS Environmental Training

All onsite staff shall receive training and shall be informed of all site and project-specific procedures. In order to comply with all permit requirements, we are providing the following mandatory training materials to inform all onsite staff about Emergency Response Procedures and Safety Orientation, Valley Fever, Eagle Take Permit, and Biological and Cultural Resources.

Please review 

(1) Emergency Response Training Plan

(2) Energy Services Safety Orientation handout

(3) Valley Fever Awareness Training for Construction video 

(4) Eagle Take Permit: Avoidance and Minimization presentation video

(5) California Flats Solar Project Worker Training video 

The training will take approximately 105 minutes to review. Once complete, please sign, date, and submit the associated form.

I indicate with my electronic signature below that I have received, downloaded, read, and understand the BESS Environmental Training, including the Valley Fever Awareness Training. I will comply with all rules outlined in this training. I understand if I have any questions regarding this training, I will inform my immediate supervisor and contact the Environmental Compliance Manager Jason Dart: or (805) 835-9363.

Thank you. Your submission has been received.