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Our team conducts resource surveys and conservation planning throughout California, primarily in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Ventura, and Kern Counties. A&M expert biologists, botanists, analysts, and project managers offer identification and analysis of biological resources, provide professional services for permit compliance issues, as well as consultations with regulatory agencies, and permit acquisition. 

Knowledge, Experience, Trust.

What We Offer

Our Services

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  • Biological Reports

  • Botanical Reports

  • Wetland Delineations

  • Habitat Restoration & Land Management Plans

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  • Remote Sensing

  • Environmental Modeling

  • Data Collection and Mapping

  • Drone Services

  • Rangeland condition monitoring 

  • Rangeland Mapping

  • Forage Assessments

  • Environmental Permit Compliance

Who We Are

About Us

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“As a civil engineer, I have had the pleasure of working closely and extensively with Althouse and Meade. Althouse and Meade has consistently shown themselves to be competent and attentive to the project needs. Their biological expertise is at the highest level, and they have a deep understanding of agency regulations and processes.  When they bring these talents to a project they do so in a teaming approach, considering the needs and input of other consultants, and addressing owner considerations such as constructability and scheduling. I have observed that the environmental regulatory agencies respect and trust the opinions of Althouse and Meade and I do too.”


Craig Campbell, Principal Engineer at Wallace Group

“In a world of increasing regulation of natural species and habitats, I have relied on LynneDee Althouse and Dan Meade for decades to help me and my clients navigate the complicated local, state, and national regulatory process.  Their understanding of the complexities of the permitting process, as well as their skill and expertise as botanists and biologists, has helped to balance the growth of our communities with the preservation of our valuable ecosystems.”


Daniel Lloyd, CEO of LandSite, Inc.


“LynneDee Althouse did a phenomenal job of preparing, negotiating, and accomplishing a vegetation restoration plan in an area decimated by the break and repair of one of our sewer interceptor lines through a state ecological reserve. Althouse and Meade is providing outstanding environmental consulting services on a host of complex water and sewer issues facing our district.  Everyone at the firm has been most responsive and professional.”


Joe Barget, General Manager at Vandenberg Village Community Services District

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Althouse and Meade, Inc.

1602 Spring St.

Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 237-9626     Office

(805) 237-9181     Fax

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