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Rangelands comprise nearly 60-percent of California’s land base and are an essential resource for sequestering carbon, growing forage for livestock production, providing habitat for numerous wildlife species, and are critical to maintaining healthy water supplies. 

Our expert team at Althouse and Meade provides decades of experience, restoration and botanical specialists and a Certified Rangeland Management Specialist that apply the latest in scientific research and knowledge in their consulting to develop site specific plans tailored to meet your management goals and objectives. 

Our Services

  • Renewable Energy Vegetation Management

  • Fire Fuel Management

  • Department of Defense Land Consulting/Management

  • Management Plans and Implementation

    • Grazing Management Plans

    • Restoration/Mitigation Plans

    • Wildlife/Game Management Plans

    • Habitat and Land Management Plans

  • Grazing Lease/License Consulting

  • Integrated Pest and Invasive Species Management Plans

  • Conservation Easement Support

    • Baseline Condition Reports

    • Biological Resource Assessments

    • Management Plan Development

  • On Call Rangeland Consulting Services

  • Rangeland condition monitoring and trend analysis

  • Rangeland & Habitat Mapping

  • Forage Quality and Quantity Assessments

  • Residual Dry Matter (RDM) Monitoring and Mapping

  • Stocking Rate Calculations

  • Watershed Management

    • Water Quality and Erosion Control​

  • Soil Analysis

  • Botanical Resource Assessments

  • Conservation Banking

  • ​Environmental Permit Compliance

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Katie Brown, M.S. 

Range and Plant Scientist 

Certified Professional in Range Management, CP16-002

California Certified Range Manager, #109

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, #8977

Qualified SWPPP Practitioner and Developer, #26683

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